Wednesday, April 29, 2015

State of the game thoughts and a format idea


I have been off blogging of late as my new job/marriage/life have been all consuming. However I have been continueing to play lots of 40k. I have tons of thoughts on the current state of the game and honestly they are a jumbled mess in my head. With OP wraithknights, hordes of scatter bikes, super heavies/gargantuan creatures running amok...I for one miss the company level game I used to play.

With that in mind I have been noodling on some ways around it. A friend of mine and I were talking and we are planning to start playing smaller games. We plan to begin with 1000pts and if that is not quite enough work up to 1250 or maybe even 1500 someday. I have also put together a basic outline of how I would like to play 40k going forward. I am not forcing this on anyone or requiring people to play it. I also am not sitting here saying it is unbreakable and doesn't have its own set of issues. What I am saying is that this is how I want to play right now and this list of rules brings the game to place where I have found I tend to enjoy myself more.

If you like it and want to try it...go for it.

If you don't feel free to offer thoughts below. (note unnecessarily negative comments will be removed)

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Tsarith’s 40k Format
1.       This format is intended to be used with NOVA missions and the NOVA FAQ (it will require modification to use with other mission formats)

2.       A round in this format will comprise two games. Each game played with one of the two lists each player brings. Each list must conform to the following rules.

a.       1000pts
b.      No unit can cost more than 250pts on the list (note this does not stop multiple units/IC’s from joining to become worth more than this throughout the course of the game. This is simply a limit imposed on your actual army list.
c.       Your army list may contain up to 2 sources (these can be in any combination)
d.      your primary detachment must remain the same between lists
                                                               i.      This means that if one list has an Eldar CAD as the primary detachment then the other list must as well.
                                                             ii.      This does not stop you from taking a harlequin formation as a second detachment in the first army though and a dark elder allied detachment in the second list or no second detachment in the second list if that is your desire.

3.       How do you begin the battle:
a.       Both players exchange both army lists with their opponent before the game.
                                                               i.      After reviewing lists you secretly mark down which of your lists you will play.
b.      Proceed with the normal pre-game check list per the event ruleset

4.       After completeing your first game:
a.       Record battle points from the first game
b.      The winner of the game is whoever scored more battle points

5.       Each player then takes the other army list and begins again with the following two caveats
a.       Whoever lost the first game chooses deployment zones (no randoming vanguard)
b.      Whoever lost the first game may choose if they wish to deploy first/go first.

6.       The winner of the round is whoever scores more battle/mission points between the two games. 

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